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A reliable HVAC system is crucial for most commercial spaces. They not only keep employees comfortable throughout the day, but they make the space inviting and pleasant for customers as well. Whether your space needs heating, cooling, ductwork, or kitchen and bathroom exhausts, Schutz & Co is prepared to design a new system for your space, or repair and replace existing systems. 

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HVAC equipment is a worthwhile investment, and annual maintenance is the best way to get the most out of that investment for years to come. Having a professional technician out each year to make sure your equipment is maintained and running to the best of its ability minimizes interruptions to your business.

Despite these efforts, there may still be problems that arise where repair is necessary. At Schutz & Co, we want to make sure your equipment is restored to working, allowing employees and customers to benefit from a comfortable and functional space. Our commercial service technicians are equipped with the knowledge to diagnose the issue, and our team is dedicated to making sure those parts are ordered promptly so that we may schedule the repair to be finished as soon as we receive them.

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The average lifespan of commercial HVAC equipment is between 10-15 years and we want our customers to know at what point it may be better to consider replacement options as opposed to spending money fixing unreliable and inefficient equipment. Our technicians are happy to provide you with relevant information so that you can begin thinking about your replacement options. 

If you’re looking for a whole new HVAC system for your commercial space, our experts are ready to provide you with industry leading equipment. From an office in need of reliable heating and cooling, to a restaurant looking for venting, exhaust, and hoods, Schutz & Co is knowledgeable and ready to provide you with the best equipment for your space. In a commercial environment, it is essential that installation is handled properly, by knowledgeable professionals. This way, you can avoid unnecessary complications and meet local and regional mechanical codes.

Whether you are looking for service, maintenance, or a new installation, we are here to help you out. Give us a call, send a text or email, or even leave us a message here!

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